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A certain Thormod is one of the Scalds (or Poets) in King
Olaf's army. The night before the battle he - Page 260
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A Certain Thormod Is One Of The Scalds (Or Poets) In King Olaf's Army.

The night before the battle he sings a spirited song at the King's request, who gives him a gold ring from his finger in token of his approval.

Thormod thanks him for the gift, and says, "It is my prayer, Sire, that we shall never part, either in life or death." When the King receives his death-wound Thormod is near him, - but, wounded himself, and so weak and weary that in a desperate onslaught by the King's men, - nicknamed "Dag's storm," - HE ONLY STOOD BY HIS COMRADE IN THE RANKS, ALTHOUGH HE COULD DO NOTHING.

The noise of the battle has ceased; the King is lying dead where he fell. The very man who had dealt him his death-wound has laid the body straight out on the ground, and spread a cloak over it. "And when he wiped the blood from the face it was very beautiful, and there was red in the cheeks, as if he only slept."

Thormod, who had received a second wound as he stood in the ranks - (an arrow in his side, which he breaks off at the shaft), - wanders away towards a large barn, where other wounded men have taken refuge. Entering with his drawn sword in his hand, he meets one of the Bonders coming out, who says, "It is very bad there, with howling and screaming; and a great shame it is, that brisk young fellows cannot bear their wounds.

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