Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -  The honour of having given him
his death wound rests between the steward and Mr. Wyse;
both contend for it - Page 230
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The Honour Of Having Given Him His Death Wound Rests Between The Steward And Mr. Wyse; Both Contend For It.

The evidence is conflicting, as at least half-a-dozen mortal wounds were found in the animal's body; each maybe considered to have had a share in his death.

Mr. Grant rests his claim principally upon the fact of his having put two bullets in my new rifle - which must have greatly improved the bore of that instrument. On the strength of this precaution, he now wears as an ornament about his person one of the bullets extracted from the gizzard of our prize.

All this time, Wilson was at the tent, busily occupied in taking photographs. As soon as the bear was observed, a signal was made to him from the ship, to warn him of the visitor he might shortly expect on shore. Naturally concluding that the bear would in all probability make for the tent as soon as he reached land, it became a subject of consideration with him what course he should pursue. Weapons he had none, unless the chemicals he was using might be so regarded. Should he try the influence of chloroform on his enemy; or launch the whole photographic apparatus at his grisly head, and take to his heels? Thought is rapid, but the bear's progress seemed equally expeditious; it was necessary to arrive at some speedy conclusion. To fly - was to desert his post and leave the camp in possession of the spoiler; life and honour were equally dear to him.

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