Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -  The distance from
Hammerfest to Alten is about forty miles, along a zigzag
chain of fiords. It was six o'clock - Page 190
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The Distance From Hammerfest To Alten Is About Forty Miles, Along A Zigzag Chain Of Fiords.

It was six o'clock in the evening, and we had already sailed two-and-thirty miles, when it again fell almost calm.

Impatient at the unexpected delay, and tempted by the beauty of the evening, - which was indeed most lovely, the moon hanging on one side right opposite to the sun on the other, as in the picture of Joshua's miracle, - Sigurdr, in an evil hour, proposed that we should take a row in the dingy, until the midnight breeze should spring up, and bring the schooner along with it. Away we went, and so occupied did we become with admiring the rocky precipices beneath which we were gliding, that it was not until the white sails of the motionless schooner had dwindled to a speck, that we became aware of the distance we had come.

Our attention had been further diverted by the spectacle of a tribe of fishes, whose habit it appeared to be - instead of swimming like Christian fishes in a horizontal position beneath the water - to walk upon their hind-legs along its surface. Perceiving a little boat floating on the loch not far from the spot where we had observed this phenomenon, we pulled towards it, and ascertained that the Lapp officer in charge was actually intent on stalking the peripatetic school - to use a technical expression - whose evolutions had so much astonished us. The great object of the sportsman is to judge by their last appearance what part of the water the fish are likely to select for the scene of their next promenade.

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