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When A Couple Is To Be Married, If A Priest Happens To Be In The Way, They Will Send For Him Perhaps Out Of Complaisance; But Otherwise, The Young Lady's Papa Merely Strikes A Flint And Steel Together, And The Ceremony Is Not Less Irrevocably Completed.

When they die, a hatchet and a flint and steel are invariably buried with the defunct, in case he should find himself chilly on his long journey - an unnecessary precaution, many of the orthodox would consider, on the part of such lax religionists.

When they go boar-hunting - the most important business in their lives - it is a sorcerer, with no other defence than his incantations, who marches at the head of the procession. In the internal arrangements of their tents, it is not a room to themselves, but a door to themselves, that they assign to their womankind; for woe betide the hunter if a woman has crossed the threshold over which he sallies to the chase; and for three days after the slaughter of his prey he must live apart from the female portion of his family in order to appease the evil deity whose familiar he is supposed to have destroyed. It would be endless to recount the innumerable occasions upon which the ancient rites of Jumala are still interpolated among the Christian observances they profess to have adopted.

Their manner of life I had scarcely any opportunities of observing. Our Consul kindly undertook to take us to one of their encampments; but they flit so often from place to place, it is very difficult to light upon them.

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