Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -  Innumerable sea-birds sat in the
crevices and ledges of the uneven surface, or flew about
us with such confiding - Page 160
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Innumerable Sea-Birds Sat In The Crevices And Ledges Of The Uneven Surface, Or Flew About Us With Such Confiding Curiosity, That By Reaching Out My Hand I Could Touch Their Wings As They Poised Themselves In The Air Alongside.

There was one old sober-sides with whom I passed a good ten minutes tete-a-tete, trying who could stare the other out of countenance.

It was now high time to be off. As soon then as we had collected some geological specimens, and duly christened the little cove, at the bottom of which we had landed, "Clandeboye Creek," - we walked back to the gig. But - so rapidly was the ice drifting down upon the island, - we found it had already become doubtful whether we should not have to carry the boat over the patch which - during the couple of hours we had spent on shore - had almost cut her off from access to the water. If this was the case with the gig, it was very evident the quicker we got the schooner out to sea again the better. So immediately we returned on board, having first fired a gun in token of adieu to the desolate land we should never again set foot on, the ship was put about, and our task of working out towards the open water recommenced. As this operation was likely to require some time, directly breakfast was over, (it was now about eleven o'clock A.M.,) and after a vain attempt had been made to take a photograph of the mountain, which the mist was again beginning to envelope, I turned in to take a nap, which I rather needed, - fully expecting that by the time I awoke we should be beginning to get pretty clear of the pack.

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