Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -  He re-entered the Reykjavik
harbour without so much as a shovelful of coals left on

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He Re-Entered The Reykjavik Harbour Without So Much As A Shovelful Of Coals Left On Board.]

Ten minutes more, and we were the only denizens of that misty sea.

I confess I felt excessively sorry to have lost the society of such joyous companions; they had received us always with such merry good nature; the Prince had shown himself so gracious and considerate, and he was surrounded by a staff of such clever, well-informed persons, that it was with the deepest regret I watched the fog close round the magnificent corvette, and bury her - and all whom she contained - within its bosom. Our own situation, too, was not altogether without causing me a little anxiety. We had not seen the sun for two days; it was very thick, with a heavy sea, and dodging about as we had been among the ice, at the heels of the steamer, our dead reckoning was not very much to be depended upon. The best plan I thought would be to stretch away at once clear of the ice, then run up into the latitude of Jan Mayen, and - as soon as we should have reached the parallel of its northern extremity - bear down on the land. If there was any access at all to the island, it was very evident it would be on its northern or eastern side; and now that we were alone, to keep on knocking up through a hundred miles or so of ice in a thick fog, in our fragile schooner, would have been out of the question.

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