Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -   I am also bound to mention, that protruding
from his coat-pocket were certain sheets of music, with
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I Am Also Bound To Mention, That Protruding From His Coat-Pocket Were Certain Sheets Of Music, With The Name Of "Alice Louisa," Written Therein In A Remarkably Pretty Hand, Which Led Me To Believe That The Doctor Had Not Entirely Confined His Energies To The Acquisition Of Hens And Vegetables.

The rest of the day was spent in packing away our newly-purchased stores, and making the ship as tidy as circumstances would admit.

I am afraid, however, many a smart yachtsman would have been scandalized at our decks, lumbered up with hen-coops, sacks of coal, and other necessaries, which, like the Queen of Spain's legs, not only ought never to be seen, but must not be supposed even to exist, on board a tip-top craft.

By the evening, the gale, which had been blowing all day, had increased to a perfect hurricane. At nine o'clock we let go a second anchor; and I confess, as we sat comfortably round the fire in the bright cheerful little cabin, and listened to the wind whistling and shrieking through the cordage, that none of us were sorry to find ourselves in port on such a night, instead of tossing on the wild Atlantic - though we little knew that even then the destroying angel was busy with the fleet of fishing-boats which had put to sea so gallantly on the evening of our arrival. By morning the neck of the gale was broken, and the sun shone brightly on the white rollers as they chased each other to the shore; but a Queen's ship was steaming into the bay, with sad news of ruin out to seaward; - towing behind her, boats, water-logged, or bottom upwards, - while a silent crowd of women on the quay were waiting to learn on what homes among them the bolt had fallen.

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