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 -  Up to a few years
ago, the municipality carried on excavations here and unearthed a few
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Up To A Few Years Ago, The Municipality Carried On Excavations Here And Unearthed A Few Relics Which Were Promptly Dispersed.

Perhaps some of these are what one sees in the Catanzaro Museum.

The paternal government, hearing of this enterprise, claimed the site and sat down upon it; the exposed remains were once more covered up with soil.

A goat-boy, a sad little fellow, sprang out of the earth as I dutifully wandered about here. He volunteered to show me not only Strongoli, but all Calabria; in fact, his heart's desire was soon manifest: to escape from home and find his way to America under my passport and protection. Here was his chance - a foreigner (American) returning sooner or later to his own country! He pressed the matter with naif forcefulness. Vainly I told him that there were other lands on earth; that I was not going to America. He shook his head and sagely remarked:

"I have understood. You think my journey would cost too much. But you, also, must understand. Once I get work there, I will repay you every farthing."

As a consolation, I offered him some cigarettes. He accepted one; pensive, unresigned.

The goat-herds had no such cravings - in the days of Theocritus.



"Two hours - three hours - four hours: according!"

The boatmen are still eager for the voyage. It all depends, as before, upon the wind.

And day after day the Ionian lies before us - immaculate, immutable.

I determined to approach the column by land.

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