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building, against the dark hill-side; a sombre and romantic pile such as
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It Is A Solitary Building, Against The Dark Hill-Side; A Sombre And Romantic Pile Such As Would Have Charmed Anne Radcliffe; One Longs To Explore Its Recesses. But I Dreaded The Coming Heats Of Midday.

Leone da Morano, who died in 1645, belonged to this congregation, and was reputed an erudite ecclesiastic.

The life of one of its greatest luminaries, Fra Bernardo da Rogliano, was described by Tufarelli in a volume which I have never been able to catch sight of. It must be very rare, yet it certainly was printed. [Footnote: Haym has no mention of this work. But it is fully quoted in old Toppi's "Biblioteca" (p. 317), and also referred to in Savonarola's "Universus Terrarum," etc. (1713, Vol. I, p. 216). Both say it was printed at Cosenza; the first, in 1650; the second, in 1630.]

The path ascends now through a long and wearisome limestone gap called Valle di Gaudolino, only the last half-hour of the march being shaded by trees. It was in this gully that an accidental encounter took place between a detachment of French soldiers and part of the band of the celebrated brigand Scarolla, whom they had been pursuing for months all over the country. The brigands were sleeping when the others fell upon them, killing numbers and carrying off a large booty; so rich it was, that the soldiers were seen playing at "petis palets" - whatever that may be - with quadruples of Spain - whatever that may be. Scarolla escaped wounded, but was afterwards handed over to justice, for a consideration of a thousand ducats, by some shepherds with whom he had taken refuge; and duly hanged.

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