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The queen had here her gallery of beauties, being the pictures at
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The Queen Had Here Her Gallery Of Beauties, Being The Pictures At Full-Length Of The Principal Ladies Attending Upon Her Majesty, Or Who Were Frequently In Her Retinue; And This Was The More Beautiful Sight Because The Originals Were All In Being, And Often To Be Compared With Their Pictures.

Her Majesty had here a fine apartment, with a set of lodgings for her private retreat only, but most

Exquisitely furnished, particularly a fine chintz bed, then a great curiosity; another of her own work while in Holland, very magnificent, and several others; and here was also her Majesty's fine collection of Delft ware, which indeed was very large and fine; and here was also a vast stock of fine china ware, the like whereof was not then to be seen in England; the long gallery, as above, was filled with this china, and every other place where it could be placed with advantage.

The queen had here also a small bathing-room, made very fine, suited either to hot or cold bathing, as the season should invite; also a dairy, with all its conveniences, in which her Majesty took great delight. All these things were finished with expedition, that here their Majesties might repose while they saw the main building go forward. While this was doing, the gardens were laid out, the plan of them devised by the king himself, and especially the amendments and alterations were made by the king or the queen's particular special command, or by both, for their Majesties agreed so well in their fancy, and had both so good judgment in the just proportions of things, which are the principal beauties of a garden, that it may be said they both ordered everything that was done.

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