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 -   There are also several rocks of very good
marble, only that the veins in the stone are not black and - Page 60
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There Are Also Several Rocks Of Very Good Marble, Only That The Veins In The Stone Are Not Black And White, As The Italian, But Grey, Red, And Other Colours.

From hence to Weymouth, which is 22 miles, we rode in view of the sea; the country is open,

And in some respects pleasant, but not like the northern parts of the county, which are all fine carpet- ground, soft as velvet, and the herbage sweet as garden herbs, which makes their sheep be the best in England, if not in the world, and their wool fine to an extreme.

I cannot omit here a small adventure which was very surprising to me on this journey; passing this plain country, we came to an open piece of ground where a neighbouring gentleman had at a great expense laid out a proper piece of land for a decoy, or duck-coy, as some call it. The works were but newly done, the planting young, the ponds very large and well made; but the proper places for shelter of the fowl not covered, the trees not being grown, and men were still at work improving and enlarging and planting on the adjoining heath or common. Near the decoy-keeper's house were some places where young decoy ducks were hatched, or otherwise kept to fit them for their work. To preserve them from vermin (polecats, kites, and such like), they had set traps, as is usual in such cases, and a gibbet by it, where abundance of such creatures as were taken were hanged up for show.

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