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 -   It will
steal and carry away anything it finds about the house that is not
too heavy, though not fit - Page 126
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It Will Steal And Carry Away Anything It Finds About The House That Is Not Too Heavy, Though Not Fit

For its food--as knives, forks, spoons, and linen cloths, or whatever it can fly away with; sometimes they say

It has stolen bits of firebrands, or lighted candles, and lodged them in the stacks of corn and the thatch of barns and houses, and set them on fire; but this I only had by oral tradition.

I might take up many sheets in describing the valuable curiosities of this little Chersonese or Neck Land, called the Land's End, in which there lies an immense treasure and many things worth notice (I mean, besides those to be found upon the surface), but I am too near the end of this letter. If I have opportunity I shall take notice of some part of what I omit here in my return by the northern shore of the county.

End of From London to Land's End by Daniel Defoe

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