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 -   Some, I say, with one kind of engine, and some
another; and though we thought several of them very strange - Page 120
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Some, I Say, With One Kind Of Engine, And Some Another; And Though We Thought Several Of Them Very Strange

Impracticable methods, yet I was assured by the country people that they had done wonders with them under water, and

That some of them had taken up things of great weight and in a great depth of water. Others had split open the wrecks they had found in a manner one would have thought not possible to be done so far under water, and had taken out things from the very holds of the ships. But we could not learn that they had come at any pieces of eight, which was the thing they seemed most to aim at and depend upon; at least, they had not found any great quantity, as they said they expected.

However, we left them as busy as we found them, and far from being discouraged; and if half the golden mountains, or silver mountains either, which they promise themselves should appear, they will be very well paid for their labour.

From the tops of the hills on this extremity of the land you may see out into that they call the Chops of the Channel, which, as it is the greatest inlet of commerce, and the most frequented by merchant-ships of any place in the world, so one seldom looks out to seaward but something new presents--that is to say, of ships passing or repassing, either on the great or lesser Channel.

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