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 -   Crass perhaps, crude perchance, in many ways, but no matter.
All her faults are virtues now.  Beloved metropolis, we salute - Page 341
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Crass Perhaps, Crude Perchance, In Many Ways, But No Matter. All Her Faults Are Virtues Now.

Beloved metropolis, we salute thee!

And also do we turn to salute Miss Liberty.

This series of adventure tales began with the Statue of Liberty fading rearward through the harbor mists. It draws to a close with the same old lady looming through those same mists and drawing ever closer and closer. She certainly does look well this afternoon, doesn't she? She always does look well, somehow.

We slip past her and on past the Battery too; and are nosing up the North River. What a picturesque stream it is, to be sure! And how full of delightful rubbish! In twenty minutes or less we shall be at the dock. Folks we know are there now, waiting to welcome us.

As close as we can pack ourselves, we gather in the gangways. Some one raises a voice in song. 'Tis not the Marseillaise hymn that we sing, nor Die Wacht am Rhein, nor Ava Maria, nor God Save the King; nor yet is it Columbia the Gem of the Ocean. In their proper places these are all good songs, but we know one more suitable to the occasion, and so we all join in. Hark! Happy voices float across the narrowing strip of rolly water between ship and shore:

"'Mid pleasures and palaces, Though we may roam,

(Now then, altogether, mates:)

Be it ever so humble, There's no place like HOME!"

End of Europe Revised by Irvin S. Cobb

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