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 -   He threw up his arm, semaphore fashion,
first to this point of the compass and then to that, and traffic - Page 230
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He Threw Up His Arm, Semaphore Fashion, First To This Point Of The Compass And Then To That, And Traffic Halted Instantly.

As far as the eye might reach it halted; and it stayed halted, too, while he searched his mind and gave me carefully and painstakingly the directions for which I sought.

In that packed mass of cabs and taxis and buses and carriages there were probably dukes and archbishops - dukes and archbishops are always fussing about in London - but they waited until he was through directing me. It flattered me so that I went back to the hotel and put on a larger hat. I sincerely hope there was at least one archbishop.

Another time we went to Paddington to take a train for somewhere. Following the custom of the country we took along our trunks and traps on top of the taxicab. At the moment of our arrival there were no porters handy, so a policeman on post outside the station jumped forward on the instant and helped our chauffeur to wrestle the luggage down on the bricks. When I, rallying somewhat from the shock of this, thanked him and slipped a coin into his palm, he said in effect that, though he was obliged for the shilling, I must not feel that I had to give him anything - that it was part of his duty to aid the public in these small matters. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine a New York policeman doing as much for an unknown alien; but the effort gave me a severe headache.

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