Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

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this place, in the first instance, chiefly because it is one of the
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I Was Attracted To This Place, In The First Instance, Chiefly Because It Is One Of The Easiest Places On The Italian Side Of The Alps To Reach From England.

This merit it will soon possess in a still greater degree, for when the St. Gothard tunnel is open,

It will be possible to leave London, we will say, on a Monday morning and be at Faido by six or seven o'clock the next evening, just as one can now do with S. Ambrogio on the line between Susa and Turin, of which more hereafter.

True, by making use of the tunnel one will miss the St. Gothard scenery, but I would not, if I were the reader, lay this too much to heart. Mountain scenery, when one is staying right in the middle of it, or when one is on foot, is one thing, and mountain scenery as seen from the top of a diligence very likely smothered in dust is another. Besides I do not think he will like the St. Gothard scenery very much.

It is a pity there is no mental microscope to show us our likes and dislikes while they are yet too vague to be made out easily. We are so apt to let imaginary likings run away with us, as a person at the far end of Cannon Street railway platform, if he expects a friend to join him, will see that friend in half the impossible people who are coming through the wicket.

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