Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

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Queen has taken Louis Philippe's daughter, Princess Clementine, who
married Prince Auguste de Saxe-Coburg to the Palace, but - Page 90
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The Queen Has Taken Louis Philippe's Daughter, Princess Clementine, Who Married Prince Auguste De Saxe-Coburg To The Palace, But For State Policy's Sake She Can Do Nothing About The Others.

Mr. Van de Weyer offered Mr. Bates's place of East Sheen, which was most gratefully accepted.


This morning came Thackeray, who is the soul of PUNCH, and showed me a piece he had written for the next number.


The King has arrived. What a crossing of the Channel, pea-jacket, woollen comforter, and all! The flight is a perfect comedy, and if PUNCH had tried to invent anything more ludicrous, it would have failed. Panic, despotism, and cowardice.

These things are much more exciting here than across the water. We are so near the scene of action and everybody has a more personal interest here in all these matters. The whole week has been like a long play, and now, on Saturday night, I want nothing but repose. What a dream it must be to the chief actors! The Queen, who is always good and noble, was averse to such ignominious flight; she preferred staying and taking what came, and if Madam Adelaide had lived, they would never have made such a [word undecipherable] figure. Her pride and courage would have inspired them. With her seemed to fly Louis Philippe's star, as Napoleon's with Josephine. . . . Mr. Emerson has just come to London and we give him a dinner on Tuesday, the 14th. Several persons wish much to see him, and Monckton Milnes reviewed him in BLACKWOOD.

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