Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

 -   The Lord Steward has received
Her Majesty's commands to invite Mr. Bancroft to dinner at Windsor
Castle on Thursday, 12th - Page 8
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"The Lord Steward Has Received Her Majesty's Commands To Invite Mr. Bancroft To Dinner At Windsor Castle On Thursday, 12th November, To Remain Until Friday, 13th." I Am Glad He Will Dine There Before Me, That He May Tell Me The Order Of Performances.

Friday, November 6th

. . . We had to-day a delightful visit from Rogers, the Poet, who is now quite old, but with a most interesting countenance. He was full of cordiality, and, at parting, as he took my hand, said: "Our acquaintance must become friendship." Mr. Harcourt came again and sat an hour with us, and has introduced your father at the Traveller's Club and the Athenaeum Club. To-night came my new lady's maid, Russell. She dresses hair beautifully, but is rather too great a person to suit my fancy.

Sunday Evening, November 8th

On Friday evening we met at Mrs. Wormeley's a cosy little knot of Americans. The Dexters were staying there and there were Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson and Miss Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Aspinwall, Mr. and Miss Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Putnam, Mr. Colman, Mr. Pickering, etc.

Wednesday Evening

On Monday we came to our HOME, preferring it to the hotel, though it is not yet in order for our reception, and we have not yet all our servants. Last evening we dined with Lord Morpeth at his father's house. His family are all out of town, but he remains because of his ministerial duties. Lord Morpeth took me out and I sat between him and Sir George Grey.

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