Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

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life to see things fresh and clean-looking, that I cannot get
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I Have Been So Used All My Life To See Things Fresh And Clean-Looking, That I Cannot Get Accustomed To The London Dinge, And Some Of The Finest Houses Look To Me As Though I Would Like To Give Them A Good Scouring.

Tell Cousin M. never to come to England, she would be shocked every minute, with all the grandeur.

A new country is cleaner-looking, though it may not be so picturesque.

I got your letters when I arrived here, and I wish this may give you but a little pleasure they gave me. Pray never let a steamer come without a token from both of you . . . With love to Grandma and Uncle Thomas, believe me, with more love than ever before, ELIZABETH D. BANCROFT

LETTER: To W.D.B. and A.B. LONDON, November 3, 1846

. . . This day, at five, your father had his first interview with Lord Palmerston, who will acquaint the Queen with his arrival, and after she has received him we shall leave our cards upon all the ministers and CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE.

November 4th

Your father had a most agreeable dinner at Lord Holland's. He met there Lord and Lady Palmerston, Lord Morpeth, Lord de Mauley, Mr. Harcourt, a son of the Archbishop of York, etc. He took out Lady Holland and Lord Morpeth, Lady Palmerston, the only ladies present. Holland House is surrounded by 200 acres in the midst of the western part of London, or rather Kensington. Lord Holland has no children, and the family dies with him.

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