Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

 -   This name sounded rather inauspicious, but Mr.
Winthrop suggested that there might be a Felix to qualify it, and
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This Name Sounded Rather Inauspicious, But Mr. Winthrop Suggested That There Might Be A "Felix" To Qualify It, And So In This Case It Turned Out.

Mrs. Grundy asserted that such a thing had never been done, that it was a very dangerous precedent, etc.

, But in the end the weight of a Maid of Honor and a Foreign Minister prevailed, and we saw everything to much greater advantage than if we had 150 persons following on, as Mr. Winthrop says he had the other day at Windsor Castle. . . . On our way [home] we met Lady Byron with her pretty little carriage and ponies. She alighted and we did the same, and had quite a pleasant little interview in the dusty road.

Sunday, May 30th

Your father left town on Monday. . . . He did not return until the 27th, the morning of the Queen's Birthday Drawing-Room. On that occasion I went dressed in white mourning. . . . It was a petticoat of white crape flounced to the waist with the edges notched. A train of white glace trimmed with a ruche of white crape. A wreath and bouquet of white lilacs, without any green, as green is not used in mourning. The array of diamonds on this occasion was magnificent in the highest degree, and everybody was in their most splendid array. The next evening there was a concert at the Palace, at which Jenny Lind, Grisi, Alboni, Mario, and Tamburini sang. I went dressed in [a] deep black dress and enjoyed the music highly.

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