Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

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detained here for a few days by my illness to become acquainted with
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I Am Not Sorry To Be Detained Here For A Few Days By My Illness To Become Acquainted With Them, And I Think Your Father Likes It Also, And Will Find It Useful To Him.

Let me say, while I think of it, how much I was pleased with the GREAT WESTERN.

That upper saloon with the air passing through it was a great comfort to me. The captain, the servants, the table, are all excellent. Everything on board was as nice as in the best hotel, and my gruels and broths beautifully made. One of the stewardesses did more for me than I ever had done by any servant of my own . . . Your father and Louisa were ill but three or four days, and then your father read Tacitus and talked to the ladies, while Louisa played with the other children.

The Adelphi, my first specimen of an English hotel, is perfectly comfortable, and though an immense establishment, is quiet as a private house. There is none of the bustle of the Astor, and if I ring my bedroom bell it is answered by a woman who attends to me assiduously. The landlord pays us a visit every day to know if we have all we wish.

LONDON, Sunday, November 1

Here I am in the mighty heart, but before I say one word about it I will go on from Wednesday evening with my journal. On Thursday, though still very feeble, I dined at Green Bank, the country-seat of Mr. William Rathbone.

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