Letters From England 1846-1849 By Elizabeth Davis Bancroft

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They Told Me I Should See No One Until Spring, But You See We Dine Out Or Go Out In The Evening Almost Every Day.


. . For the gratification of S.D. or Aunt I., who may wonder how I get along in dress matters, going out as I did in my plain black dress, I will tell you that Mrs. Murray, the Queen's dressmaker, made me, as soon as I found these calls and invitations pouring in, two dresses. One of black velvet, very low, with short sleeves, and another of very rich black watered silk, with drapery of black tulle on the corsage and sleeves. . . . I have fitted myself with several pretty little head-dresses, some in silver, some with plumes, but all white, and I find my velvet and silk suit all occasions. I do not like dining with bare arms and neck, but I must.

Tuesday, November 17th

Last evening we passed at the Earl of Auckland's, the head of the Admiralty. The party was at the Admiralty, where there is a beautiful residence for the first lord. . . . I had a long talk with Lord Morpeth last evening about Mr. Sumner, and told him of his nomination. He has a strong regard for him. . . . Not a moment have I had to a London "lion." I have driven past Westminster, but have not been in it. I have seen nothing of London but what came in my way in returning visits.

LETTER: To I.P.D. LONDON, November 17, 1846

My dear Uncle:

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