The Travels Of Marco Polo - Volume 2 Of 2 By Marco Polo And Rustichello Of Pisa


Table of the Great Khan.
Tables, how disposed at Mongol feasts.
Tablet, Emperor's, adored with incense.
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Tabashir. Tabbas. Table Of The Great Khan. Tables, How Disposed At Mongol Feasts. Tablet, Emperor's, Adored With Incense. Tablets Of

Authority, Golden (Paizah), presented by Khan to Polos; lion's head and gerfalcon; bestowed on distinguished captains, inscription; cat's head; granted

To governors of different rank. - - worshipped by Cathayans. Tabriz (Tauris). Tachindo, see Ta-ts'ien-lu. Tacitus, Claustra Caspiorum, Pass of Derbend. Tactics, Tartar. Tacuin. Tadinfu. Taeping Insurrection and Devastations. Taeping, or Taiping, Sovereigns' effeminate customs. Taffetas. Taft, near Yezd, turquoise at. Tafurs. Tagachar. Tagaung. Tagharma Pass. Taghdungbash River. Taianfu (T'ai-yuan-fu), king of N. China. Taiani. Taican, see Talikan. Taichau (Tigu). T'aiching-Kwan. Taidu, Daitu, Tatu, Kublai's new city of Cambaluc. Taikung, see Tagaung. Tailed men, in Sumatra, elsewhere; English. Tailors, none in Maabar. Taimuni tribe. Taiting-fu (Tadinfu), or Yenchau. Taitong-fu, see Tathung. Tai-tsu, Emperor. T'ai Tsung, Emperor. Tatyang Khan (Great King), king of the Naimans. Tajiks of Badakhshan, great topers. Takfur. Takhtapul. Taki-uddin, Abdu-r Rahman. Takla-Makan. Talains. Talas River. Tali, gold mines. Talifu (Carajan). Talikan, Thaikan (Taican). Tallies, record by. Tamarind, pirates use of. Tamerlan. Tana (Azov). - - near Bombay, kingdom of Tana-Maiambu. Tana-Malayu. Tanasi cloth. Tanduc, see Tenduc. T'ang dynasty. Tangnu Oola, branch of Altai. Tangut province, Chinese Si Hia, or Ho Si, five invasions of. Tangutan, term applied to Tibetan speaking people round the Koko-nor. Tanjore, Suttee at; Pagoda at; fertility of. Tankiz Khan, applied to Chinghiz. Tanpiju (Shaohing?). Tantras, Tantrika, Tantrists. Tao-lin, a Buddhist monk. Tao-sze (Taosse), sect, female idols of the. Ta-pa-Shan range. Taprobana, mistakes about. Tarakai. Tarantula. Tarcasci. Tarem, or Tarum. Tares of the parable. Tarikh-i-Rashidi. Tarmabala, Kublai's grandson. Tarok, Burmese name for Chinese. Tarok Man and Tarok Myo. Tartar language, on Tartar, its correct form; misuse by Ramusio. Tartars, different characters used by; identified with Gog and Magog; ladies; their first city; original country, tributary to Prester John; revolt and migration; earliest mention of the word; make Chinghiz their king; his successors; their customs and religion; houses; waggons; chastity of their women; polygamy, etc.; their gods and idols; their drink (Kumiz); cloths; arms, horses, and war customs; military organization; sustenance on rapid marches; blood-sucking; portable curd; tactics in war; degeneracy; administration of justice; laws against theft; posthumous marriage; the cudgel; Rubruquis' account of; Joinville's; custom before a fight; want of charity to the poor; conquerors of China, history of; excellence in archery; objection to meddling with things pertaining to the dead; admiration of the Polo mangonels; employment of military engines; their cruelties; arrows; marriage customs. - - in the Far North. - - of the Levant, see Levant. - - of the Ponent, see Ponent. Tartary cloths. Tarungares, tribe. Tash Kurgan. Tatariya coins. Tathung, or Taitongfu. Ta-t'sien-lu, or Tachindo, Tartsedo. Ta Tsing River. Tattooing, artists in. Tatu (Taichu). - - River. Tauris, see Tabriz. Taurizi, Torissi. Tawalisi. Taxes, see Customs, Duties. Tchakiri Mondou (Modun). Tchekmen, thick coarse cotton stuff. Tea-houses at Kingsze. Tea trees in E. Tibet. Tebet, see Tibet. Tedaldo, see Theobald. Teeth, custom of casing in gold. - - of Adam or of Buddha. - - conservation of, by Brahmans. Tegana. Teghele, Atabeg of Lur. Teimur (Temur), Kublai's grandson and successor. Tekla, Hamainot. Tekrit. Telingana, see Tilinga. Telo Samawe. Tembul (Betel), chewing. Temkan, Kublai's son. Temple, connection of Cilician Armenia with Order of. - - Master of the. Temple's account of the Condor. Temujin, see Chinghiz. Tenduc, or Tanduc, plain of, province of. Tengri, Supreme deity of Tartars. Tennasserim, (Tanasari). Tents, the Khan's. Terebinth, of Mamre. Terlan, goshawk. Terra Mountains. Terra Australis. Te-Tsung, Emperor. Thai, Great and Little, race. Thaigin. Thai-yuanfu (Taianfu). Thard-wahsh, see Patterns, Beast and Bird. Theft, Tartar punishment of. Theistic worship. Thelasar. Theobald, or Tedaldo of Piacenza, chosen Pope as Gregory X.; sends friars with the Polos and presents. Theodorus, king of Abyssinia. Theodosius the Great. Theophilus, Emperor of Constantinople. - - missionary. Thevenot, Travels. Thian Shan. Thiante-Kiun. Thin l'Eveque, siege of. Thinae of Ptolemy. Tholoman, see Coloman. Thomas, Edward. - - of Mancasola, Bishop of Samarcand. Thread, Brahmanical. Three kingdoms (San-Kwe). Threshold, a great offence to step on the. Thuran Shah's History of Hormuz. Tibet (Tebet) province, boundary of; its acquisition by Mongols; organisation under Kublai; dogs of. Tibetan language and character, origin of the Yue-chi. Tibetans, superstitions of; and Kashmiris (Tebet and Keshimur), sorceries of; accused of cannibalism. Tides in Hang-chau estuary. Tierce, half tierce, etc., hours of. Tiflis. Tigado, Castle of. Tigers (called lions by Polo), trained to the chase; in Cuncun; in Caindu; Kwei-chau. (See also Lions.). Tigris River (Volga), at Baghdad. Tigudar (Acomat Soldan). Tiju. Tiles, enamelled. Tilinga, Telingana, Tiling, Telenc. Tiling. Timur of Toumen, chief of the Nikoudrians. Timur the Great. Timurids, the. Ting, 10 taels of silver = tael of gold. Tinju. Tinnevelly. Tithe on clothing material. Tithing men, Chinese (Pao-kia). Titus, Emperor. Tjajya, see Choiach. Toba race. Toctai, king, see Toktai. Tod, Colonel James. Toddy, see Wine of Palm. Togan. Toghontemur, last Mongol Emperor, his wail. Toghrul I. - - Shah of Kerman. Togrul Wang Khan, see Prester John. Toka Tumir. Tokat. Toktai Khan (Toctai, Lord of the Ponent), wars with Noghai; his symbolic message. Tolan-nur (Dolonnur). Toleto, John de, Cardinal Bishop of Portus. Tolobuga. Toman (Tuman, etc.), Mongol word for 10,000. Tongking, Tungking. Tooth-relique of Buddha, history of. Torchi, Dorje, Kublai's first-born. Tornesel. Toro River. Torshok. Torture by constriction in raw hide. Toscaul, toskaul (toscaol), watchman. Tournefort, on cold at Erzrum. Tower and Bell Alarm at Peking, at Kinsay. Toyan (Tathung?). Trade at Layas, by Baghdad; at Tauris; at Cambaluc; in Shan-si; on the Great Kiang; at Chinangli; at Sinju Matu; Kinsay; Fu-chau; Zayton; Java; Malaiur; Cail; Coilum; Melibar; Tana; Cambaet; Kesmacoran; Socotra. - - of India with Hormuz, with Egypt by Aden; with Esher; with Dofar; with Calatu. Trades in Manzi, alleged to be hereditary. Tramontaine. Transmigration. Traps for fur animals. Travancore, Rajas of. Treasure of Maabar kings. Trebizond, Emperors of, and their tails. Trebuchets. Trees, of the Sun and Moon, superstitions about; by the highways; camphor; producing wine; producing flour (sago). Tregetoures. Trench, Archbishop. Trevisano, Azzo. - - Marc' Antonio, Doge. Trincomalee. Tringano. Trinkat. 'Trusty lieges,' devoted comrades of king of Maabar. T'sang-chau. T'siang-kiun ('General'). T'sien T'ang River, bore in. T'si-nan-fu (Chinangli). T'sing-chau. T'sing-ling range. T'si-ning-chau. Tsin-tsun. Tsiuan-chau, T'swanchau, see Zayton. Tsongkhapa, Tibetan Reformer. Ts'uan-chou, see Zayton. Tsukuzi in Japan. Tsung-ngan-hien. Tsushima, Island. Tuan, Prince, chief of the Boxers. Tuc, tuk, tugh, commanders of 100,000, horse-tail or yak-tail; standard. Tudai, Ahmad Khan's wife. Tudai-Mangku (Totamangu or Totamangul). Tu-fan, ancient name of Tibet. Tughan, Tukan, Kublai's son. Tughlak Shah, of Delhi (a Karaunah). Tuktuyai Khan. Tu-ku-hun. Tuli, or Tulin, fourth son of Chinghiz. Tuman, see Toman. Tumba, Angelo di, Marco di. Tun, city of E. Persia. Tung-'an in Fokien. Tungani, or Converts, Mahomedans in N. China and Chinese Turkestan. Tung-chau (Tinju). Tung-hwang-hien, ancient Shachau. Tung-kwan, fortress of the Kin sovereigns. Tung-lo (Kumiz). Tunguses. Tunny fish. Tun-o-kain (Tunocain), kingdom of Persia. Turbit (radex Turpethi). Turcomania (Anatolian Turkey). Turgaut, day-watch. Turkey, Great (Turkestan). Turkistan chiefs send mission to kings of India. Turkmans and Turks, distinction between, horses. Turks, ancient mention of, friend of Polo's; and Mongols. Turmeric. Turner, Lieutenant Samuel, describes Yak of Tartary. Turquans, Turkish horses. Turquoises in Kerman, in Caindu. Turtle doves. Turumpak, Hormuz. Tutia (Tutty), preparation of. Tuticorin. Tu T'song, Sung Emperor of China. Tver. Twelve, a favourite round number. - - Barons over Khan's Administration. Twigs or arrows, divination by. Tyuman. Tyunju, porcelain manufacture. Tylor, Dr. E.B., on Couvade. Tzarev. Tzaritzyn.

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