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Of the camps of Generals Chaffee, Lawton, Bates, Sumner, and Wheeler,
of Colonels Leonard Wood and Theodore Roosevelt, there are - Page 90
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Of The Camps Of Generals Chaffee, Lawton, Bates, Sumner, And Wheeler, Of Colonels Leonard Wood And Theodore Roosevelt, There Are But The Slightest Traces.

The Bloody Bend, as some call it, in the San Juan River, as some call that stream, seems to

Have entirely disappeared. At least, it certainly was not where it should have been, and the place the hotel guides point out to unsuspecting tourists bears not the slightest physical resemblance to that ford. In twelve years, during one of which there has been in Santiago the most severe rainfall in sixty years, the San Juan stream has carried away its banks and the trees that lined them, and the trails that should mark where the ford once crossed have so altered and so many new ones have been added, that the exact location of the once famous dressing station is now most difficult, if not impossible, to determine. To establish the sites of the old camping grounds is but little less difficult. The head-quarters of General Wheeler are easy to recognize, for the reason that the place selected was in a hollow, and the most unhealthy spot along the five miles of intrenchments. It is about thirty yards from where the road turns to rise over the ridge to Santiago, and all the water from the hill pours into it as into a rain barrel. It was here that Troop G, Third Cavalry, under Major Hardee, as it was Wheeler's escort, was forced to bivouac, and where one-third of its number came down with fever.

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