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Save Money On Flights

This, I Think, Completes The List Of Articles That On Different Expeditions I Either Have Found Of Use, Or Have Seen Render Good Service To Some One Else.

But the really wise man will pack none of the things enumerated in this article.

For the larger his kit, the less benefit he will have of it. It will all be taken from him. And accordingly my final advice is to go forth empty-handed, naked and unashamed, and borrow from your friends. I have never tried that method of collecting an outfit, but I have seen never it fail, and of all travellers the man who borrows is the wisest.


{1} From "A Year from a Reporter's Note Book," copyright, 1897, by Harper & Brothers.

{2} From "A Year from a Reporter's Note Book, copyright, 1897, Harper & Brothers."

{3} For this "distinguished gallantry in action," James R. Church later received the medal of honor.

{4} Some of the names and initials on the trees are as follows: J. P. Allen; Lynch; Luke Steed; Happy Mack, Rough Riders; Russell; Ward; E. M. Lewis, C, 9th Cav.; Alex; E. K. T.; J. P. E.; W. N. D.; R. D. R.; I. W. S., 5th U. S.; J. M. B.; J. M. T., C, 9th.

{5} A price list during the siege:


I certify that the following are the correct and highest prices realised at my sales by Public Auction during the above Siege,

JOE DYSON, Auctioneer.


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