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Wherefore, I pray to all the readers and hearers of this book, if
it please them, that they would pray - Page 305
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Wherefore, I Pray To All The Readers And Hearers Of This Book, If It Please Them, That They Would Pray To God For Me; And I Shall Pray For Them.

And all those that say for me a PATER NOSTER, with an AVE MARIA, that God forgive me my

Sins, I make them partners, and grant them part of all the good pilgrimages and of all the good deeds that I have done, if any be to his pleasance; and not only of those, but of all that ever I shall do unto my life's end. And I beseech Almighty God, from whom all goodness and grace cometh from, that he vouchsafe of his excellent mercy and abundant grace, to fulfil their souls with inspiration of the Holy Ghost, in making defence of all their ghostly enemies here in earth, to their salvation both of body and soul; to worship and thanking of him, that is three and one, without beginning and without ending; that is without quality, good, without quantity, great; that in all places is present, and all things containing; the which that no goodness may amend, ne none evil impair; that in perfect Trinity liveth and reigneth God, by all worlds, and by all times!



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