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 -   For a province of the
country that hath well in circuit three journeys, that men clepe
Hanyson, is all covered - Page 250
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For A Province Of The Country That Hath Well In Circuit Three Journeys, That Men Clepe Hanyson, Is All Covered With Darkness, Without Any Brightness Or Light; So That No Man May See Ne Hear, Ne No Man Dare Enter Into Him.

And, natheles, they of the country say, that some-times men hear voice of folk, and horses neighing, and cocks crowing.

And men wit well, that men dwell there, but they know not what men. And they say, that the darkness befell by miracle of God. For a cursed emperor of Persia, that hight Saures, pursued all Christian men to destroy them and to compel them to make sacrifice to his idols, and rode with great host, in all that ever he might, for to confound the Christian men. And then in that country dwelled many good Christian men, the which that left their goods and would have fled into Greece. And when they were in a plain that hight Megon, anon this cursed emperor met with them with his host for to have slain them and hewn them to pieces. And anon the Christian men kneeled to the ground, and made their prayers to God to succour them. And anon a great thick cloud came and covered the emperor and all his host. And so they endure in that manner that they ne may not go out on no side; and so shall they evermore abide in that darkness till the day of doom, by the miracle of God.

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