Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz

  Belief of, in good and evil spirits;
  belief, concerning cure of disease;
  head-hunting raids of;
  Upper and Lower;
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Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz - Page 473 of 489 - First - Home

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Belief Of, In Good And Evil Spirits; Belief, Concerning Cure Of Disease; Head-Hunting Raids Of; Upper And Lower; Number

Of; characteristics of; the dwelling of; tatuing of; honey gathering by; a funeral of; first appearance of Upper, at Tevang

Karantan; the flying prahu of; children of; dress of women; friendliness of; wives of; customs and beliefs of; crocodile killing by; manner of announcing approach of enemy; murder among; methods of fire-making; restrictions concerning women; sins among; names in vogue among; good and evil omens of; funeral customs of; from Bangkal; folktale of; resemblance of, to Alfurs; manner of curing disease; game played by; festivals of; calendar of; astronomical device of, for determining rice-planting season; belief of, in one soul

Katjang idju (native vegetable stew)

Kayan River, the, journey up; colour of; rapids of; the trip down; rise of water in; the Kayans and Kenyahs of; inhabited only at source and at headwaters

Kayans, the; filing off of teeth by; ethnological collections from; prahus provided by; songs of; dialects of; headhunting by; agreeable to deal with; the women of; few children among; compared with Kenyahs; social classes among; kampong of, at Long Blu; trade of; location of; sub-tribes of; claimed to be same tribe as Kenyahs; known as Orang Bahau

Kedu, the district of, II

Keladi, water-plant

Kelasin, village of

Kendokat (fish)

Kenyahs, the; from Apo Kayan; the women of; funeral of a child of; tuba-fishing by; the children of; boys of; compared with Kayans; most attractive of the natives; rings worn in ears by; the spear carried by; physical superiority of; characteristics of; cleanliness of; ornaments worn by; removal of body hair by; courtesy of; industry of; head-hunting by; effect of head-hunting on disposition of; most capable of the natives; location of; number of; the sub-tribes of; claimed to be same tribe as Kayans; belief of, concerning soul

Keppel, Captain H., The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. "Dido" by

Kiai Laman

Kidyang (deer)

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