Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz

 - The word;
  name applied to all natives of Borneo except Malays and nomadic peoples;
  little drunkenness among;
  of Bulungan;
  manners - Page 469
Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz - Page 469 of 489 - First - Home

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The Word; Name Applied To All Natives Of Borneo Except Malays And Nomadic Peoples; Little Drunkenness Among; Of Bulungan; Manners Of; Few Children Of; Ultimately Must Die Out; Food Of; Social Classes Among; The Kenyahs, The Most Capable Of; Hindu Influence Among; Physical Superiority Of; And Malays; Characteristics Of; Customs Of

De Weert, steamship

Dead, the, natives' fear of; guarded by kapatongs; guarded by statue of lovers. See also Funeral customs

Debtors, as slaves

Deer, the kidyang; Bornean method of hunting; along Busang River; mouse; fine specimen killed and eaten; cry of, at noon, an omen; folk-tales about; magic fluid possessed by; as food

Demmini, J., photographer; illness of; return of, to Batavia

Demum, a form of malaria

Designs, decorative

Diamond fields of Martapura

Disease, cure of, by natives; caused by malicious anto; tatu marks to prevent; natives' fondness for white man's remedies for; skin

Divorce among natives


Djelavat (Bornean fish)

Djobing, boatman


Djudjang, rattan gatherers' camp; arrival at

Dogs, Dayak, description of; augury concerning lost; treatment of, in hydrophobia cases; not eaten, hunting wild pig with; belief concerning shedding of blood of; traits of; howling of; stump-tailed; folk-tale about; eaten by Mehalats

Dongiyak, basket designs interpreted by

Dreams, omens from

Dress, the Dayak; of Katingan women; of Kenyan women; of the Penyahbongs; mourning

Drinking, Kenyah and Malay manner of

Drums, in houses at Long Pahangei; blian's

Drunkenness rare among natives

Dry weather in the jungle

Ducks, marsh

Duhoi, the (Ot-Danums); head-hunting of; primitive condition of; intermarriage of, with Kahayans; friendly visit of; rich collections for sale by; abundance of kapatongs used by; varying physical aspects of; shaving of foreheads by; the kapala of; method of making fire; sacred number of; customs of; the flying prahu of; polygamy of; marriage customs and ceremonies of; rice-planting and harvesting of; funeral customs of; taking leave of; intelligence of; polyandry among; customs regarding childbirth; number and location of souls of

Durian, the, queen of fruits

Dutch, the, rule of, in Borneo; flag, on memorial staff

Dutch Borneo, population of south and east; population of north; natural resources of; government of; native tribes in; Bandjermasin principal town in; Malays of

Dutch Packet Boat Company

Dwarf, photograph of, taken

Ears, rings worn in; ornamentation of Penyahbongs'; piercing of chiefs; wooden disks in lobes of

Earthenware jars

Earthquake, on Java

Eating, customs regarding

Eggs, offered as sacrifice



Elshout, Dr. J.M.; quoted, on head-hunting

Enemy, announcing approach of

Equator, on the

Erskine, A.M., description of caves of Kong Beng by

European influence in Borneo

Europeans, number of, in Borneo

Eyes, with Mongolian fold; set obliquely

Fatherless Boy, The, folk-tale

Feast, dancing; of the rubber gatherers; on removal of bones of dead; wedding; harvest; the great triennial; kapatongs at; at beginning and end of year

Felis nebulosa

Filariasis, an attack of

Fire, making a, in the jungle; with flint and iron; with rattan and bamboo; by drilling; by friction with rope; by twirling


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