Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz


Djobing, boatman


Djudjang, rattan gatherers' camp;
  arrival at

Dogs, Dayak, description of;
  augury concerning lost;
  treatment of, in hydrophobia - Page 124
Through Central Borneo An Account Of Two Years' Travel In The Land Of The Head-Hunters Between The Years 1913 And 1917 By Carl Lumholtz - Page 124 of 130 - First - Home

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Djobing, Boatman

Djokjakarta Djudjang, rattan gatherers' camp; arrival at

Dogs, Dayak, description of; augury concerning lost; treatment of, in hydrophobia cases; not eaten, hunting wild pig with; belief concerning shedding of blood of; traits of; howling of; stump-tailed; folk-tale about; eaten by Mehalats

Dongiyak, basket designs interpreted by

Dreams, omens from

Dress, the Dayak; of Katingan women; of Kenyan women; of the Penyahbongs; mourning

Drinking, Kenyah and Malay manner of

Drums, in houses at Long Pahangei; blian's

Drunkenness rare among natives

Dry weather in the jungle

Ducks, marsh

Duhoi, the (Ot-Danums); head-hunting of; primitive condition of; intermarriage of, with Kahayans; friendly visit of; rich collections for sale by; abundance of kapatongs used by; varying physical aspects of; shaving of foreheads by; the kapala of; method of making fire; sacred number of; customs of; the flying prahu of; polygamy of; marriage customs and ceremonies of; rice-planting and harvesting of; funeral customs of; taking leave of; intelligence of; polyandry among; customs regarding childbirth; number and location of souls of

Durian, the, queen of fruits

Dutch, the, rule of, in Borneo; flag, on memorial staff

Dutch Borneo, population of south and east; population of north; natural resources of; government of; native tribes in; Bandjermasin principal town in; Malays of

Dutch Packet Boat Company

Dwarf, photograph of, taken

Ears, rings worn in; ornamentation of Penyahbongs'; piercing of chiefs; wooden disks in lobes of

Earthenware jars

Earthquake, on Java

Eating, customs regarding

Eggs, offered as sacrifice



Elshout, Dr. J.M.; quoted, on head-hunting

Enemy, announcing approach of

Equator, on the

Erskine, A.M., description of caves of Kong Beng by

European influence in Borneo

Europeans, number of, in Borneo

Eyes, with Mongolian fold; set obliquely

Fatherless Boy, The, folk-tale

Feast, dancing; of the rubber gatherers; on removal of bones of dead; wedding; harvest; the great triennial; kapatongs at; at beginning and end of year

Felis nebulosa

Filariasis, an attack of

Fire, making a, in the jungle; with flint and iron; with rattan and bamboo; by drilling; by friction with rope; by twirling

Fire omen

Fires, in the jungle

Firebrands, used at funeral

Fish, of Borneo; in the jungle; method of catching by poisoning river; spearing for; drying; frame for drying; catching by means of explosive; cooked in bamboo; kendokat caught by an otter; abundance of in Busang River; fruit-eating; in pool near Bandjermasin; the patin; folk-tales about

Fishing, tuba; expeditions, omens concerning

Flies; yellowish gray; black

Flowers, of water-plant; of equatorial regions; along Kasao River; on the Kai River


Flying prahu, the; legend of; a feature of tiwah feast; as design in mats


Folk-lore tales, telling of, in song; of the Kahayans; of the Katingans; of the Long-Glats; Malay influence in; of the Ot-Danums; of the Penyahbongs; of the Saputans

Food, hints on proper, for travel in East Indies; of the Dayaks and Malays; at the paddi harvest; at great triennial feast; offered to antohs; of the head-hunters; of the Bukats; of Duhoi bride and groom; of the Long-Glats; of the Penyahbongs; of the Punans

Forests of Borneo

Fowls, Bornean


French count, story of a


Fruits of Borneo; the durian; the lansat; the nangca; the rambutan; eaten by fish

Fuji, Mount, height of

Funeral customs, the second funeral feast; the pantar; the panyanggaran; the sapundo; souls of animals presented to soul of deceased; a child's funeral; of the Bukats; of the Bukits; of the Duhoi; of the Katingans; of the Kenyahs; of the Long-Glats; of the Murungs; of the Oma-Sulings; of the Penihings; of the Penyahbongs; of the Punans; of the Saputans

Funeral house; model of a raja's

Furniture, European, natives desirous of securing

Games: for children; top-spinning; mancala; played at beginning and end of year

Garrison, in Apo Kayan; at Long Iram; at Long Kai; at Long Nawang; at Puruk Tjahu, ill

German missionaries

Gibbon (man-like ape)

Glit River, the


Go Hong Cheng, interpreter

Goat, at times an antoh


Gold; of Barito River country; hunting for, on Busang River; in Samba and Braui Rivers; on Katingan River; not used by Penyahbongs


Governor-General of Netherlands India

Grass, in the jungle


Grijson, H.J.

Grotius, Dutch steamer

Guitar, a native

Gunong, camp

Gunong Porok, village of, folk-lore from

Gunong Rega, height of

Haddon, Doctor A.C.

Hageman, Captain J.J.M., on character of the Dayak

Hair, removal of body; on body, resembling orang-utan; colour of head; parasites in; mustaches; beards; worn cut, by Duhoi; shaving of forehead; cut from head and placed in tree; arrangement of women's


Harvest, paddi; festival

Hawk, worship of; a tame

Head-hunters, song of; seen on board steamer; meeting an imaginary attack of; food of

Head-hunting, measures taken by Dutch government to eradicate; among various tribes; religious fanaticism incentive to; a recent raid; description of a raid; customs regarding the practice of; omens concerning; the purposes of; Captain Hageman quoted concerning; effect of, on disposition of natives; kapatongs of prime importance in; rice-throwing before; folktale about; principal weapon used in; Dayaks incited to by Malays; of the Bukats; not practised by Bukits; of Duhoi chief; of the Duhoi and Katingans; raids of the Ibans; of the Kenyahs; discontinued by Ot-Danums; of the Punans; of the Ulu-Ots

Head ornament, women's

Heat, intense, in jungle

Hens, sacrificed at rubber gatherers' feast; sacrificed at wedding; sacrificed at funeral; hung in bags at night; chickens eaten by

Hindu Javanese, first settlers in Borneo; kingdoms founded by; absorbed by Malays

Hinduism of first settlers in Borneo

Hindus, in South Africa; antiquities of, found in Borneo; brass statue; influence of, among Dayaks

Hoang Tshirao, village of

Honesty, of natives

Honey, native methods of gathering

Hong Seng, Chinese merchant

Hornbills; the rhinoceros; the tail feathers of; image of, on flying prahu; image of, on pantar


Hose, Doctor

Hospitality, of natives

House of worship, at Angkipi; at Ado; at Tumingki


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