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 -  - The Englishman is welcome; most blessed among hours is
this, the hour of his coming.

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- The Englishman Is Welcome; Most Blessed Among Hours Is This, The Hour Of His Coming.

Dragoman (to the traveller).

- The Pasha pays you his compliments.

Traveller. - Give him my best compliments in return, and say I'm delighted to have the honour of seeing him.

Dragoman (to the Pasha). - His lordship, this Englishman, Lord of London, Scorner of Ireland, Suppressor of France, has quitted his governments, and left his enemies to breathe for a moment, and has crossed the broad waters in strict disguise, with a small but eternally faithful retinue of followers, in order that he might look upon the bright countenance of the Pasha among Pashas - the Pasha of the everlasting Pashalik of Karagholookoldour.

Traveller (to his dragoman). - What on earth have you been saying about London? The Pasha will be taking me for a mere cockney. Have not I told you ALWAYS to say that I am from a branch of the family of Mudcombe Park, and that I am to be a magistrate for the county of Bedfordshire, only I've not qualified, and that I should have been a deputy-lieutenant if it had not been for the extraordinary conduct of Lord Mountpromise, and that I was a candidate for Goldborough at the last election, and that I should have won easy if my committee had not been bought. I wish to Heaven that if you DO say anything about me, you'd tell the simple truth.

Dragoman [is silent].

Pasha. - What says the friendly Lord of London?

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