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 -   The charm, they say, owes its power to
that which the people call the astonishing politics (p???t???) of
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The Charm, They Say, Owes Its Power To That Which The People Call The Astonishing "Politics" (P???T???) Of The Women, Meaning, I Fancy, Their Tact And Their Witching Ways: The Word, However, Plainly Fails To Express One-Half Of That Which The Speakers Would Say.

I have smiled to hear the Greek, with all his plenteousness of fancy, and all the wealth of his generous language, yet vainly struggling to describe the ineffable spell which the Parisians dispose of in their own smart way by a summary "Je ne scai quoi."

I went to Larnaca, the chief city of the isle, and over the water at last to Beyrout.


Beyrout on its land side is hemmed in by the Druses, who occupy all the neighbouring highlands.

Often enough I saw the ghostly images of the women with their exalted horns stalking through the streets, and I saw too in travelling the affrighted groups of the mountaineers as they fled before me, under the fear that my party might be a company of income-tax commissioners, or a pressgang enforcing the conscription for Mehemet Ali; but nearly all my knowledge of the people, except in regard of their mere costume and outward appearance, is drawn from books and despatches, to which I have the honour to refer you.

I received hospitable welcome at Beyrout from the Europeans as well as from the Syrian Christians, and I soon discovered that their standing topic of interest was the Lady Hester Stanhope, who lived in an old convent on the Lebanon range, at the distance of about a day's journey from the town.

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