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Hester, I believe, never learnt to speak the Arabic with a perfect

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Lady Hester, I Believe, Never Learnt To Speak The Arabic With A Perfect Accent.

{19} The proceedings thus described to me by Lady Hester as having taken place during her illness, were afterwards re-enacted at the time of her death.

Since I wrote the words to which this note is appended, I received from Warburton an interesting account of the heroine's death, or rather the circumstances attending the discovery of the event; and I caused it to be printed in the former editions of this work. I must now give up the borrowed ornament, and omit my extract from my friend's letter, for the rightful owner has reprinted it in "The Crescent and the Cross." I know what a sacrifice I am making, for in noticing the first edition of this book reviewers turned aside from the text to the note, and remarked upon the interesting information which Warburton's letter contained. [This narrative is reproduced in an Appendix to the present edition.]

{20} In a letter which I afterwards received from Lady Hester, she mentioned incidentally Lord Hardwicke, and said that he was "the kindest-hearted man existing - a most manly, firm character. He comes from a good breed - all the Yorkes excellent, with ANCIENT French blood in their veins." The under scoring of the word "ancient" is by the writer of the letter, who had certainly no great love or veneration for the French of the present day: she did not consider them as descended from her favourite stock.

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