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Traveller. - That's an exaggeration; but say that the English really
have carried machinery to great perfection; tell the Pasha (he'll - Page 10
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Traveller. - That's An Exaggeration; But Say That The English Really Have Carried Machinery To Great Perfection; Tell The Pasha (He'll

Be struck with that) that whenever we have any disturbances to put down, even at two or three hundred miles

From London, we can send troops by the thousand to the scene of action in a few hours.

Dragoman (recovering his temper and freedom of speech). - His Excellency, this Lord of Mudcombe, observes to your Highness, that whenever the Irish, or the French, or the Indians rebel against the English, whole armies of soldiers, and brigades of artillery, are dropped into a mighty chasm called Euston Square, and in the biting of a cartridge they arise up again in Manchester, or Dublin, or Paris, or Delhi, and utterly exterminate the enemies of England from the face of the earth.

Pasha. - I know it - I know all - the particulars have been faithfully related to me, and my mind comprehends locomotives. The armies of the English ride upon the vapours of boiling caldrons, and their horses are flaming coals! - whirr! whirr! all by wheels! - whiz! whiz! all by steam!

Traveller (to his dragoman). - I wish to have the opinion of an unprejudiced Ottoman gentleman as to the prospects of our English commerce and manufactures; just ask the Pasha to give me his views on the subject.

Pasha (after having received the communication of the dragoman). - The ships of the English swarm like flies; their printed calicoes cover the whole earth; and by the side of their swords the blades of Damascus are blades of grass.

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