My Three Days In Gilead By Elmer U. Hoenshel

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moving with slow, swinging tread toward Damascus, or returning - Page 8
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I See Hundreds Of Camels Loaded With Large Sacks Of Grain Moving With Slow, Swinging Tread Toward Damascus, Or Returning Unloaded To The Desert.

The camels proceed in single file, usually ten or more in a train, and each is led by means

Of a rope fastened to the animal next in front - the rope of the foremost of all being fastened to the saddle of a donkey, on which the owner, or driver, usually rides. Many grindstones also are shipped from this country, one large stone constituting a load for a camel. This land is, also a great grazing region, and for more than three thousand years Bashan has been celebrated for its fine breed of cattle.

Some distance south of Damascus I cross the headwaters of the Pharpar River, whose clear, sparkling water Naaman considered much more suitable for a general's bath than the muddy water of the Jordan. At my place of crossing an athlete could clear the stream at a single bound.

The distant scenery deserves more than a passing notice, though but little more can be given here. Off to the west, in plain view, is Mount Hermon, whose towering, snow-capped summit in all probability looked upon the transfigured person of the Son of Man. To the east is the Lejah, in, or near which is Edrei, where Og, the giant king of Bashan, was slain in the attempt to hold his realm against the home-seeking Israelites under the leadership of Moses. South of the Lejah are the Hauran Mountains, now occupied by the Druses, a people of a peculiar religious faith - a faith which is a mixture of Mohammedan, Christian, and Zoroastrian elements.

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