My Three Days In Gilead By Elmer U. Hoenshel

 -  Among Bedouins
Chapter   IV. At Gerasa
Chapter    V. Up Into the Mountains
Chapter   VI. By the Watch-Tower
Chapter  VII - Page 4
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"Among Bedouins" Chapter IV.

"At Gerasa" Chapter V. "Up Into the Mountains" Chapter VI.

"By the Watch-Tower" Chapter VII. "Down to the Jordan" Chapter VIII. "At the Bridge"

"Waiting at Damascus"


Damascus! A city that numbers the years of its existence in millenniums; that witnessed in the dawn of history the migration of Abraham as he went out from Ur to a land not known to him, and to whom she gave one of the best of her sons; that sent out the leper, Naaman, to Palestine for healing and received him back whole; that hailed with great preparations the coming of Elisha, who had previously blinded her army at Dothan; that welcomed Saul of Tarsus in his blindness, restored his sight, and sent him, transformed in his life, to transform Asia Minor and classic Europe. Damascus! A city surviving an age-long struggle with the encroaching desert - a struggle that must go on through ages to come; but, as long as the Abana and Pharpar continue to flow, the sands that would bury her forever in oblivion will be changed into a soil of life-giving and life-sustaining fertility sufficient to support her thousands of inhabitants. Damascus! A city of the long ago, practically unchanged, where the Occidental may look to-day with unfeigned interest upon architecture, costumes, and customs similar to those that prevailed in the East while Greece and Rome were yet young. Damascus! A city celebrated for a thousand years for its bazaars, work-shops, and roses; a city so beautiful thirteen hundred years ago that Mohammed, viewing it for the first time from a distance, is said to have exclaimed:

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