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women grinding at the mill. The mill consists of two circular
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Here We See "Two Women Grinding At The Mill." The Mill Consists Of Two Circular Stones About Fourteen Inches In

Diameter, the one stone rests upon the other, and the grain to be crushed between them is supplied by one

Of the women while the other turns the upper stone round and round, thus grinding the meal for the uninviting bread of their less inviting floor-table.

This place has been suggested by Major Condor as the probable site of Mizpah in Gilead. A group of fine stone monuments, in ruins, is yet to be seen here. If this be the location of Mizpah then here is the place where Jacob and Laban made their covenant of lasting peace, and erected the "heap of witness" (Gen. 31:44-52), saying, "The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another." Then they parted, Laban going back to Mesopotamia and Jacob pressing on with anxious heart toward the near Jabbok and the farther lands of his estranged brother Esau.

Inspired by the covenant at Mizpah, and with a desire to help others to establish covenants of peace, and to accept with cheerful resignation enforced separation from loved ones, a recent writer, Julia A. Baker, has written beautifully the following poem entitled "Mizpah":

Go thou thy way and I go mine; Apart, yet ever near; Only a veil hangs thin between The pathways where we are; And "God keep watch 'tween thee and me," This is my prayer; He looks thy way, he looketh mine, And keeps us near.

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