From The Caves And Jungles Of Hindostan Translated From The Russian Of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

 -   All those pagodas and caves have been built by the Kings
of Kanada, (?) the most important of whom was Bonazur - Page 6
From The Caves And Jungles Of Hindostan Translated From The Russian Of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - Page 6 of 357 - First - Home

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All Those Pagodas And Caves Have Been Built By The Kings Of Kanada, (?) The Most Important Of Whom Was Bonazur,

And these buildings of Satan our (Portuguese) soldiers attacked with such vehemence that in a few years one stone was

Not left upon another...." And, worst of all, they left no inscriptions that might have given a clue to so much. Thanks to the fanaticism of Portuguese soldiers, the chronology of the Indian cave temples must remain for ever an enigma to the archaeological world, beginning with the Brah-mans, who say Elephanta is 374,000 years old, and ending with Fergusson, who tries to prove that it was carved only in the twelfth century of our era. Whenever one turns one's eyes to history, there is nothing to be found but hypotheses and darkness. And yet Gharipuri is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, which was written, according to Colebrooke and Wilson, a good while before the reign of Cyrus. In another ancient legend it is said that the temple of Trimurti was built on Elephanta by the sons of Pandu, who took part in the war between the dynasties of the Sun and the Moon, and, belonging to the latter, were expelled at the end of the war. The Rajputs, who are the descendants of the first, still sing of this victory; but even in their popular songs there is nothing positive. Centuries have passed and will pass, and the ancient secret will die in the rocky bosom of the cave still unrecorded.

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