From The Caves And Jungles Of Hindostan Translated From The Russian Of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

 -   First into Russian, then into English.
The translator, also a Russian, and far from perfectly acquainted
with English, cannot claim - Page 2
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First Into Russian, Then Into English. The Translator, Also A Russian, And Far From Perfectly Acquainted With English, Cannot Claim To Possess The Erudition Necessary To Verify And Restore The Many Quotations To Verbal Accuracy; All That Is Hoped Is That, By A Careful Rendering, The Correct Sense Has Been Preserved.

The translator begs the indulgence of English readers for all imperfections of style and language; in the words of the Sanskrit proverb:

"Who is to be blamed, if success be not reached after due effort?"

The translator's best thanks are due to Mr. John C. Staples, for valuable help in the early chapters.

- London, July, 1892


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In Bombay

Late in the evening of the sixteenth of February, 1879, after a rough voyage which lasted thirty-two days, joyful exclamations were heard everywhere on deck. "Have you seen the lighthouse?" "There it is at last, the Bombay lighthouse."

Cards, books, music, everything was forgotten. Everyone rushed on deck. The moon had not risen as yet, and, in spite of the starry tropical sky, it was quite dark. The stars were so bright that, at first, it seemed hardly possible to distinguish, far away amongst them, a small fiery point lit by earthly hands. The stars winked at us like so many huge eyes in the black sky, on one side of which shone the Southern Cross.

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