From The Caves And Jungles Of Hindostan Translated From The Russian Of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

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It Is Not Unusual For A European Novice To Shudder With Disgust At Some Features Of Local Everyday Life; But At The Same Time These Very Sights Attract And Fascinate The Attention Like A Horrible Nightmare. We Had Plenty Of These Experiences Whilst Our Ecole Buissoniere Lasted.

We spent these days far from railways and from any other vestige of civilization.

Happily so, because European civilization does not suit India any better than a fashionable bonnet would suit a half naked Peruvian maiden, a true "daughter of Sun," of Cortes' time.

All the day long we wandered across rivers and jungles, passing villages and ruins of ancient fortresses, over local-board roads between Nassik and Jubblepore, traveling with the aid of bullock cars, elephants, horses, and very often being carried in palks. At nightfall we put up our tents and slept anywhere. These days offered us an opportunity of seeing that man decidedly can surmount trying and even dangerous conditions of climate, though, perhaps, in a passive way, by mere force of habit. In the afternoons, when we, white people, were very nearly fainting with the roasting heat, in spite of thick cork topis and such shelter as we could procure, and even our native companions had to use more than the usual supplies of muslin round their heads - the Bengali Babu traveled on horseback endless miles, under the vertical rays of the hot sun, bareheaded, protected only by his thick crop of hair. The sun has no influence whatever on Bengali skulls.

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