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faithful fellows who brought my baggage from Leh, I spent five - Page 101
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Then, Reluctantly Folding My Tent, And Taking The Same Faithful Fellows Who Brought My Baggage From Leh, I Spent Five

Weeks on the descent to the Panjab, journeying through the paradise of Upper Kulu and the interesting native states of

Mandi, Sukket, Bilaspur, and Bhaghat, and early in November reached the amenities and restraints of the civilisation of Simla.


{1} Mr. Redslob said that when on different occasions he was smitten by heavy sorrows, he felt no difference between the Tibetan feeling and expression of sympathy and that of Europeans. A stronger testimony to the effect produced by his twenty-five years of loving service could scarcely be given than our welcome in Nubra. During the dangerous illness which followed, anxious faces thronged his humble doorway as early as break of day, and the stream of friendly inquiries never ceased till sunset, and when he died the people of Ladak and Nubra wept and 'made a great mourning for him,' as for their truest friend.

{2} For these and other curious details concerning Tibetan customs I am indebted to the kindness and careful investigations of the late Rev. W. Redslob, of Leh, and the Rev. A. Heyde, of Kylang.

End of Among the Tibetans by Isabella L. Bird (Mrs Bishop)

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