Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon by Samuel White Baker

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cloudless sky and a broiling sun; below, is snow-white sand of
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Above, Is A Cloudless Sky And A Broiling Sun; Below, Is Snow-White Sand Of Quartz, Curious Only In The Possibility Of Its Supporting Vegetation.

Such is the soil in which the cinnamon delights; such are the Cinnamon Gardens, in which I delight not.

They are an imposition, and they only serve as an addition to the disappointments of a visitor to Colombo. In fact, the whole place is a series of disappointments. You see a native woman clad in snow-white petticoats, a beautiful tortoiseshell comb fastened in her raven hair; you pass her - you look back - wonderful! she has a beard! Deluded stranger, this is only another disappointment; it is a Cingalese Appo - a man - no, not a man - a something male in petticoats; a petty thief, a treacherous, cowardly villain, who would perpetrate the greatest rascality had he only the pluck to dare it. In fact, in this petticoated wretch you see a type of the nation of Cingalese.

On the morning following my arrival in Ceylon, I was delighted to see several persons seated at the "table-d'hôte" when I entered the room, as I was most anxious to gain some positive information respecting the game of the island, the best localities, etc., etc. I was soon engaged in conversation, and one of my first questions naturally turned upon sport.

"Sport!" exclaimed two gentlemen simultaneously - "sport!" there is no sport to be had in Ceylon!" -- "at least the race-week is the only sport that I know of," said the taller gentleman.

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