Eight Years' Wanderings in Ceylon by Samuel White Baker


And now the distant hill-tops, far below, struggle through the
snowy sheet of mist, like islands in a fairy - Page 30
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And Now The Distant Hill-Tops, Far Below, Struggle Through The Snowy Sheet Of Mist, Like Islands In A Fairy Sea; And Far, How Far His Eye Can Scan, Where The Faint Line Upon The Horizon Marks The Ocean!

Mountain and valley, hill and plain, with boundless forest, stretch beneath his feet, far as his sight can gaze,

And the scene, so solemnly beautiful, gradually wakens to his senses; the birds begin to chirp; the dew-drops fall heavily from the trees, as the light breeze stirs from an apparent sleep; a golden tint spreads over the sea of mist below; the rays dart lightning-like upon the eastern sky; the mighty orb rises in all the fullness of his majesty, recalling the words of Omnipotence: "Let there be light!"

The sun is risen! the misty sea below mounts like a snowy wreath around the hill-tops, and then, like a passing thought, it vanishes. A glassy clearness of the atmosphere reveals the magnificent view of Nature, fresh from her sleep; every dewy leaf gilded by the morning sun, every rock glistening with moisture in his bright rays, mountain and valley, wood and plain, alike rejoicing in his beams.

And now, the sun being risen, we gaze from our lofty post upon Newera Ellia, lying at our feet. We trace the river winding its silvery course through the plain, and for many miles the alternate plains and forests joining in succession.

How changed are some features of the landscape within the few past years, and how wonderful the alteration made by man on the face of Nature!

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