Journey In Search Of The Red Indians In Newfoundland By W. E. Cormack

 -  At these passes,
which are particular places in the migration lines of path, such as
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At These Passes, Which Are Particular Places In The Migration Lines Of Path, Such As The Extreme Ends Of, And

Straights in, many of the large lakes, - the foot of valleys between high or rugged mountains, - fords in the large

Rivers, and the like, - the Indians kill great numbers of deer with very little trouble, during their migrations. We looked out for two days from the summits of the hills adjacent, trying to discover the smoke from the camps of the Red Indians; but in vain. These hills command a very extensive view of the country in every direction.

We now determined to proceed towards the Red Indians' Lake, sanguine that, at that known rendezvous, we would find the objects of our search.

Travelling over such a country, except when winter has fairly set in, is truly laborious.

In about ten days we got a glimpse of this beautifully majestic and splendid sheet of water. The ravages of fire, which we saw in the woods for the last two days, indicated that man had been near. We looked down on the lake, from the hills at the northern extremity, with feelings of anxiety and admiration: - No canoe could be discovered moving on its placid surface in the distance. We were the first Europeans who had seen it in an unfrozen state, for the three former parties who had visited it before, were here in the winter, when its waters were frozen and covered over with snow. They had reached it from below, by way of the River Exploits, on the ice.

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