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the Indians had their traditions in regard to the meaning of
various symbols.

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Even The Indians Had Their Traditions In Regard To The Meaning Of Various Symbols.

In Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha we have this legend from the Indians:

Thus said Hiawatha, walking In the solitary forest, Pondering, musing in the forest, On the welfare of his people. From his pouch he took his colors, Took his paints of different colors. On the smooth bark of a birch tree Painted many shapes and figures, Wonderful and mystic figures, And each figure had a meaning, Each some word or thought suggested.

Gitche Manito, the Mighty, He, the Master of Life, was painted As an egg, with points projecting To the four winds of the heavens. Everywhere is the Great Spirit, Was the meaning of the symbol.

Mitche Manito, the Mighty, He the dreaded Spirit of Evil, As a serpent was depicted, As Kenabeek the great serpent. Very crafty, very cunning, Is the creeping Spirit of Evil, Was the meaning of this symbol.

(footnote From "The Egg and Serpent.")

Here while gazing in wonder at this ancient shrine we recalled how in the stillness and fading light of evening we visited the famous cathedral of Antwerp. The last rays of the descending sun fell through the stained glass and darkened the vast aisles. The grandeur and solemn beauty of this noble pile at this time of day touched the imagination most deeply. Then listening to the mellow music falling as it were from the clouds through the tranquil air of evening, we were enchanted. How those light silvery notes filled our imagination with romantic dreams of old Flanders.

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