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Save Money On Flights

This Hotel Is Unique In That It Is Run In Connection With A Baptist Church.

The building is a beautiful specimen of Gothic architecture.

The surplus money is used for the various church expenses. You may listen to the noted Belgian organist while resting in your own room. This undertaking has proven to be a success in numerous ways.

FORTY-FIFTH DAY - Syracuse to Lake Chautauqua via Jamestown.

FORTY-SIXTH DAY - Jamestown to Niagara Falls via Indian reservations.

FORTY-SEVENTH AND FORTY-EIGHTH DAYS - Niagara Falls, via Albion, Pa., to Ashtabula, Ohio.

FORTY-NINTH DAY - Ashtabula to Richmond, Ind.

It is to be sincerely hoped that all the youth of our land may some day visit the nation's shrines and there drink deep from the fountains of truth and patriotism which our worthy forefathers have established. To follow the old Pilgrim trail, to climb Bunker Hill Monument, to reverently tread the halls of Mt. Vernon, to muse by the monuments at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, and Arlington; to be thrilled with the grandeur and power of our great nation while in Washington: and to behold the unsurpassed beauty of the countless places of natural grandeur our country affords would help to solve many of the serious problems confronting our nation today.

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