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Skill, prudence, sagacity, energy, and wisdom marked all his
acts. That wonderful trinity - candor, sincerity and simplicity - 
 were the striking - Page 130
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"Skill, Prudence, Sagacity, Energy, And Wisdom Marked All His Acts." That Wonderful Trinity - Candor, Sincerity And Simplicity - Were The Striking

Features of his character and "an air of noble dignity never left his manly features, in either defeat or battle.

" On following his brilliant career as a commander one realizes as never before, that "intellect and not numbers rule the world; liberty-loving ideals and not force overmaster bigness; and that truth and right, when supported by strong and worthy purposes, always prevail in the end."

Among the many interesting relics to be seen at Mount Vernon are the Sword of Washington and Franklin's staff. While gazing at these mementoes of the past we recalled these significant words of the poet:

"The sword of the Hero, The staff of the Sage, Whose valor and wisdom Are stamped on the age. Time hallowed mementoes Of those who have riven The sceptre from tyrants, The lightning from heaven.

This weapon, O, Freedom; Was drawn by thy son, And it never was sheathed Till the battle was won. No stain of dishonor Upon it we see. 'Twas never surrendered - Except to the free.

While Fame claims the hero And patriot sage Their names to emblazon On History's page, No holier relics Will Liberty hoard Than Franklin's staff guarded By Washington's sword."

Another relic is the key of that grim prison, the Bastile, sent to Washington by Lafayette as a symbol of the overthrow of despotism and triumph of free government in France. That symbol is today one of America's most treasured mementos, carefully guarded in the Nation's shrine at Mount Vernon.

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