Travels In The United States Of America; Commencing In The Year 1793, And Ending In 1797. With The Author's Journals Of His Two Voyages Across The Atlantic By William Priest


Commencing in the Year 1793, and Ending in 1797. With The Author's
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Travels In The United States Of America; Commencing In The Year 1793, And Ending In 1797. With The Author's Journals Of His Two Voyages Across The Atlantic By William Priest - Page 1 of 34 - First - Home

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Commencing in the Year 1793, and Ending in 1797.

With The Author's Journals of his Two Voyages Across the Atlantic

* * * * *

BY WILLIAM PRIEST, Musician, Late of the Theatres Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston.

* * * * *


* * * * *

LONDON: Printed for J. Johnson, No. 72, St. Paul's Church-Yard

* * * * *


Bryer, Printer, Bridewell Hospital, Bridge Street.


An elegant writer observes that a preface may be dispensed with in any work, if the author (either from his humility of justice) think that his style be calculated only to put his readers to sleep. Though I do not think the publication of the following sheets will _materially_ affect the price of opium, I cannot intrude this volume on the public without informing them, what all my friends will vouch for the truth of, viz. - that on my return from America, in 1797, I wrote the work in its present form _for their_ perusal; and, that conscious of my want of talent as a writer, I resisted all their entreaties for its publication, till within these three months.

The public, I presume, will not be _wholly_ disappointed; the _extracts_ I have made from _Jefferson_, _Belknap_, and other american writers, are worthy their attention: _I_ have no other merit than having placed them in a tolerable point of view.

"The God of Truth, and all who know me, will bear testimony that, from my whole soul, I despise deceit, as I do all silly claims to superior wisdom, and infallibility, which so many writers, by a thousand artifices, endeavour to make their readers imagine they possess."



JOURNAL - Gravesend - why so called - Deal - Falmouth - Pendennis castle - a gale - a hymn - the gulph weed - sun set at sea - dolphins and flying fish - first account of the yellow fever - arrival in the Delaware - on shore in the Jerseys - Woodbury - melancholy visit to Philadelphia - arrival at Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS - why so called - extract from the charter - situation - loss of the trade - accounted for - Annapolitans partial to theatrical amusements - produce of Maryland - tobacco - wheat - new species of manure

JOURNEY TO THE CAPITAL - filial affection of the negroes - fried squirrels and coffee - Baltimore - the mighty Susquana - intrepidity of a slave - how rewarded - Wilmington - Brandywine - grist mills - the battle - Chester - arrival at Philadelphia

TWO ANECDOTES - a gentleman blacksmith not ashamed of his origin - a high sheriff doing his duty

PHILADELPHIA - state of, in 1681 - Penn's arrival in 1701 - intended plan of the city - not observed - situation - advantages of exports - entries in 1793 - buildings how constructed - houses removed intire - new theatre - pleasure carriages - removal of the state government to Lancaster

MANNER OF LIVING OF THE PHILADELPHIANS - breakfast - dinner - supper - bad effects of such diet - relishes in stile at an American tea-garden

BACK SETTLER - arrives at his purchase - builds his huts - manner of clearing the land - Indian corn - advantages of - the black and grey squirrels - attacked by the Indians - extract - he escapes the scalping knife - more comfortably situated - an idle back settler - his manner of life - what he calls liberty - joins the Indians at war with the states - the demisavage copies only the black side of the Indian character

PENNSYLVANIA PLANTER - enjoys a happy state of mediocrity between riches and poverty - the children how disposed of - the boys - effect of the religious education given to the girls not intirely eradicated even by a brothel - a country sleighing match - another in Philadelphia in stile - a fiddler a necessary apendage

FROGS - two extracts - they sit croaking to the wonderment of strangers - land of enchantment - frog concert - how supported - treble - counter tenor - tenor - bass - fire-flies - night-hawks - probable effects on an enthusiastic cockney

JOURNEY TO LANCASTER - the Pioli - Wayne's surprise - appointed to the command of the western army - Indian war - shocking effects of - misunderstanding between the Canadians and American citizens - accounted for - French agents - the British government vindicated - Proceed on the journey - charming prospects - beauties of the Susquana destroys the navigation - arrival at Lancaster - rifle manufactory - uncommon shot of two back woodsmen - Dutch schools - three concerts - two German sans culottes - extracts from the regulations of the Hanover dancing assembly - German and Irish emigrants

FEDERAL COINAGE not approved of by the people - the new scheme contrasted with the old one - advantages of an even division by the decimal

DELAWARE SHAD FISHERY - stupidity of the Anglo-Americans in giving English names to animals peculiar to the new continent - length of the siens - greatest haul of shad on record - fanatical law of the Quakers injurious to the fishery - sturgeon - extract from general Lincoln on the migration of fishes

JOURNEY TO BALTIMORE - water-stage - Newcastle - Glasgow - the Elk - bay of Chesapeake - arrival at Baltimore - yellow fever

BALTIMORE - situation - disadvantages of - the Dutch plan of canals not adapted to a southern latitude - the former race-course in the centre of the town - anecdote

MANUFACTORIES - not the interest of the Americans to engage in them - why - American iron - its malleability - two patents granted by Congress - sawing-mills - ship-building

SHOOTING AND FISHING - partridges - no game laws - woodcocks in August - the American ortolan - back woodsmen - their game - wild turkey - squirrel shooting - American fishing parties - how conducted

INDIANS - genius for oratory, painting, and sculpture - their continence - extract - the Indian student - the splenetic Indian - his remedy - seen in another point of view - the Indian orator - verses on an Indian burial-ground

SCHEME OF A RIFLE CORPS - of forming the corps - rifles - powder - accoutrements and dress - exercise

SPECULATION - the United States - the land of - 100 acres of land for a dollar - flour - the mines - description of a coal-bank

CLIMATE - Cooper on this subject not to be depended upon - quotation from Jefferson - the N.W. wind not accounted for - Volney - his intended investigation

WHITE SLAVE TRADE - mortality on board a white Guineaman from Ireland - Hibernian and German societies - the trade not allowed in New England - a German flesh-butcher sells his countrymen at Philadelphia during the fatal yellow fever of 1793

JOURNEY TO BOSTON - Pennsylvania the garden of the United States - Bristol - Trentown - New Brunswick - New York - arrival in Yankee Land - land speculators harangue - interrupted - arrival at Boston - P.S. - dramatic mania - detestation of the primitive Bostonians to theatricals - are first introduced as moral lectures - the theatrical opposition

BATTLE OF BUNKER'S HILL - inscription from a monument on the scene of action - anecdotes of Cox, the celebrated bridge-architect - connects Boston with the Continent - goes to Ireland, where he builds seven bridges

BOSTON - situation - West Boston - advantages of the harbour - the long wharf - new theatre - university of Cambridge - new bridge a mile in length - Irish market

BOSTONIAN FIRE ALARM - amateur firemen - negro incendiaries - good effects of their villainy

FANATICISM - Brownists - intolerance proved from their own writers - rebellion against parents made a capital crime - smoaking tobacco and drinking healths forbidden - proclamation against wearing long hair - persecution of the Quakers - Penn's retaliation - poetry

NEGRO SLAVERY - state of in the Southern, Middle, and New England Slates - abolition society - extract from Jefferson's Virginia

YELLOW FEVER - a new disorder - first imported from the coast of Guinea to the West Indies in 1792 - extract from Dr. Rush - a disorder fatal only to one race of men not new - plague among the red men - how accounted for by the fanatics - not to the satisfaction of a philosopher - age of the world proved to be 36,960 years from the falls of Niagara

AMERICAN FISHERY ON THE BANKS OK NEWFOUNDLAND - extract from Dr. Belknap - dumb fish - how cured - merchantable - Jamaica fish - former and present state of the fishery

NEW ENGLAND STATES COMPARED WITH THOSE OF THE SOUTH - beauty of the women - accounted for - general knowledge of the inhabitants - free schools - how supported - difference of climate

VOYAGE TO ENGLAND - journal - severe gale at N.E. - the vessel encrusted with ice - stand to the southward - the gulph stream - another gale - misfortunes - arrival at Dover - conclusion


P. 11, 1.8, for _plantation_, read _plantations_.

32, 1.5 and 6, are a note having reference to p. 28, 1.11.

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