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(R) The demonstration of the fact that a second attempt at stealing the
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(R) The Demonstration Of The Fact That A Second Attempt At Stealing The Colony - By Which John Pierce, One Of

The Adventurers, endeavored to possess himself of the demesne and rights of the colonists, and to make them his tenants

- Was defeated only by the intervention of the "Council" and the Crown, the matter being finally settled by compromise and the transfer of the patent by Pierce (hitherto questioned) to the colony.

(s) The demonstration of the actual relations of the Merchant Adventurers and the Pilgrim colonists - their respective bodies being associated as but two partners in an equal copartnership, the interests of the respective partners being (probably) held upon differing bases - contrary to the commonly published and accepted view.

(t) The demonstration of the fact that the MAY-FLOWER - contrary to the popular impression - did not enter Plymouth harbor, as a "lone vessel," slowly "feeling her way" by chart and lead-line, but was undoubtedly piloted to her anchorage - previously "sounded" for her - by the Pilgrim shallop, which doubtless accompanied her from Cape Cod harbor, on both her efforts to make this haven, under her own sails.

(u) The indication of the strong probability that Thomas English was helmsman of the MAY-FLOWER'S shallop (and so savior of her sovereign company, at the entrance of Plymouth harbor on the stormy night of the landing on Clarke's Island), and that hence to him the salvation of the Pilgrim colony is probably due; and

(v) Many facts not hitherto published, or generally known, as to the antecedents, relationships, etc., of individual Pilgrims of both the Leyden and the English contingents, and of certain of the Merchant Adventurers.

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