The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -   He lost heavily by his New England ventures.
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He Lost Heavily By His New England Ventures. There Is, As Shown Elsewhere, Good Reason To Believe That He Was The Owner Of The MAY-FLOWER On Her Historic Voyage, As Also When She Came Over In Higginson's And Winthrop's Fleets, Ten Years Later.

Gudburn. Appears only as a signer, so far as known.

Hatherly. Was a well-to-do friend of the Pilgrims, and after many complaints had been made against them among the "Purchasers" - arising out of the rascality of Shirley and Allerton - went to New England on a mission of inquiry. He was perfectly convinced of the Pilgrims' integrity and charmed with the country. He made another visit, and removed thither in 1633, to remain. He became at once prominent in the government of New Plimoth Colony.

Heath. Does not appear to have been active, and naught is known of him.

Hobson. Is known only as a signer of the "Composition."

Holland. Was a friend and ally of the Pilgrims, and one of their correspondents. He is supposed to have been of the ancient house of that name and to have lived in London.

Hudson. Was not active, and appears as a signer only.

Keayne. Was a well-to-do citizen of the vicinity of London, a friend, in a general way, of the Pilgrims. He came to Boston with Winthrop. Was prominent in the Massachusetts Colony. Was the founder and first commander of the early Artillery Company of Boston, the oldest military organization of the United States, and died at Boston, leaving a large estate and a very remarkable will, of which he made Governor Winslow an "overseer." He was an erratic, - but valuable, citizen.

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